Wise Up Initiative, An Initiative of The Al and Sharyne Wallace Foundation Wise Up Initiative, An Initiative of The Al and Sharyne Wallace Foundation

Check out the exciting programs that the Wise Up Initiative sponsors annually as well as some of the partnerships we’re involved in! The Wise Up Initiative programs will create a platform for communicating the risk of concussive head injuries and how to prevent them.

Brain Wise - Our Wise Up Team travels to local schools and organizations to provide Brain Wise, a fun, interactive, educational program that teaches students in grades 4 - 12 about concussions. Through discussion, videos, case studies of athletes and interactive games, students learn how to identify and report concussions.

We provide current material for safeguarding young developing brains. Brain Wise presentations are offered free of charge to schools and organizations. We hope you will join us in our mission to bring comprehensive concussion education to students so they will understand how to better protect themselves and each other.

To schedule your free Brain Wise presentation, please contact us at info@wiseupinitiative.org.



VISTA - (Video Impact Studying Targeting Athletes) is a collaborative research effort of the Wise Up Initiative and the UAB School of Engineering. This project is focused on developing an impact database for youth athletics. Impact research is vital to improving safety equipment and rules of play to reduce the likelihood of injury.

The VISTA program utilizes high-speed, high-definition cameras to capture impact speeds, impact angles, point of contact, degree of acceleration and the stability of helmet materials currently in use.

Filming can take place during scheduled league practices and/or games. All player information/identifiers will be completely scrubbed upon analysis. This study is strictly for educational purposes only.

This is an exciting opportunity knowing that your team's participation will help protect youth athletes through cutting edge technology.


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